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Hooks Industrial is a strong supporter of the Oil & Gas industry and our facilities have achieved both API and ISO quality certifications. With products ranging from upstream through downstream, we help companies manufacture a wide variety of high-quality oil & gas tools and products. Whether we’re developing replacement parts, re-manufacturing existing designs or manufacturing complete parts from your engineering specifications, rely on Hooks Industrial for all of your oil & gas manufacturing and fabrication needs.

While we can manufacture just about any product our customers can imagine, following are some of the more typical products that we manufacture for our customers regularly:

  • Pumps and Pump Parts*
    • Centrifugal, vertical, plunger, triplex, duplex pumps for the oil & gas energy
    • Pump replacement parts including shafts, soft goods, impellers, etc.)
    • Refurbishment of used pumps
  • API Standard Valves and Control Valves
    • A variety of valves, including gates, global, ball, check, etc.
    • Replacement parts, valve stems, housings, accessories
    • Refurbishment of used valves
  • Air and Gas Compressors
    • Standard units from leading manufacturers, including Atlas Copco, Compair Kellogg, Ingersoll Rand, Leroi, Sullair, Bauer, Gardner Denver, Joy, Worthington, Quincy and more
  • Wellhead Pressure Control Equipment
    • A variety of flanges in different sizes, spools, adapters, casing, blocks, tees, adapters, tubing hanger, heads, adapters
  • Downhole Tools/Drilling Equipment
    • High-quality manufacturing of connections, mills/bits, top drive units, drill pipe, heavy collars and draw works
  • Mechanical Seals
    • Leading brands including Borg Warner, John Crane, Durametallic and more
  • Vertical Turbines and Parts
    • Leading brands including Ingersoll Rand, Worthington, Goulds, Peerless and more
  • Air Starters
  • Rotating Parts for All Applications
  • Oilfield Service Support
  • Hard-to-Find Replacement Parts
  • Proprietary Parts
  • Custom Components and Complex Replacement Parts
  • Parts with Demanding Quality Tolerances
  • Specialty Parts
  • OEM No Longer Supported Models
  • Discontinued Parts
  • And Much, Much More!

In addition, Hooks Industrial offers machining services to our customers. The Hooks Industrial machine shops follow API and ISO protocol and deliver the production capacity to machine 1 part or 5,000 parts. Our machinery includes both CNC and manual equipment, which is routinely maintained and serviced to ensure guaranteed repeatability on production runs. We regularly machine a variety of difficult and challenging projects working off of customer-supplied proprietary drawings or reverse-engineered customer samples and we create our own drawings for customer approval. For Hooks Industrial, there isn’t a machining project or challenge too great or too small for us to handle!

* We can competitively supply just about all US-made equipment. Rotating equipment manufactured overseas by license can only be supplied if product samples or drawings are provided. Similarly, foreign-made pumps or rotating equipment can only be manufactured if samples are made available.

Note: Any references herein to original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) brand names, tradenames, model numbers, part numbers or other similar information is provided for illustrative purposes only and in no way is intended to indicate any affiliation of Hooks Industrial to any particular OEM or a representation or warranty that OEM parts will be supplied.


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